DVRC Programs

DVRC is proud to offer a wide range of programs, educational and financial resources and community outreach to victims, advocates, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, businesses and schools.


VAU Field Advocates

Field advocates meet the client "where they are at" and are on location in the field accompanied by law enforcement. Field Advocates create a situation where the client feels secure so they can learn about resources and get safe in-the-moment.

Field Advocates have the ability to transport a client to safety, help them fill out any legal paperwork like Restraining Orders or Emergency Restraining Orders, if needed, and can help connect them to and navigate resources they might not know about.

Financial Empowerment

DVRC's Case Management Department teaches a Financial Empowerment program that provides an opportunity for victims to learn about how to be financially independent. Most victims of Domestic Violence leave their relationships financially destitute. Through the Financial Empowerment program, they learn basics about finances, credit recovery, saving, balancing a budget and what is needed in order to gain financial independence to live on their own. Depending on their situation, they may qualify for the financial match program as well.



All counselors with DVRC are required to have an EMDR certification or agree to be EMDR trained. EMDR is a model of counseling used to treat trauma by working through it to facilitate healing.

DVRC is working to become THE EMDR Training Center in Albuquerque. We want to be the hub for future counselors in the Albuquerque Area and within the State. We are in the midst of developing this program.

VAU Embedded Advocates

DVRC currently has Embedded Advocates at the 2nd Judicial Court and the DA's office in Albuquerque. The Embedded Advocate is placed to meet a specific need for victims in places they would not think to find that help. Embedded Advocates are available to help a victim with understanding their rights alongside legal advocates. They can assist with any paperwork or legal processes, as it can be overwhelming.

DVRC is working to place Embedded Advocates at the University of New Mexico Hospital and Presbyterian Hospitals in order to help after incidents of violence.

Children with mothers sit in a circle and study colors, numbers and figures in the kindergarten