Immediate Help

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence reach out for help today.

For Immediate Help Helpline

To talk with an advocate or make an appointment to meet with an advocate in person, call the DVRC Helpline: 505-248-3165


DVRC is located at 625 Silver Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

We are part of the Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center and walk-ins are welcomed for immediate services or to schedule future appointments.

Field Response

Law enforcement officers responding to domestic violence calls will contact DVRC when needed or requested and advocates will assist victims on-location.

DV Data and Programs

How Many Victims Does DVRC Help?

Annually, DVRC answers over 15,000 helpline calls and provides 5,500-6,000 services to more than 3,500 victims in the Albuquerque community.

DV in NM 

38% of all New Mexican women will experience some form of domestic violence.

1 of every 4 men are victims of domestic violence.

60% of all domestic violence is witnessed by children.

Types of Abuse

Control - the all encompassing methods used by the abuser to maintain dominance over the victim.

Physical Abuse - any physically aggressive and harmful behavior, intentional or not. This can include the withholding of physical needs or threat of physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse - any and all unwanted sexual activity, including forcing, threatening or taking advantage of victims without consent.

Emotional Abuse & Intimidation - behavior that exploits the victim’s vulnerability, insecurity, or character and wears down their self esteem and mental health. 

Isolation - behaviors that slowly sever all emotional ties except those to the abuser, making the victim dependent emotionally, financially, socially, etc. on the abuser. 

Verbal Abuse - Coercion, Threats, & Blame - any abusive language used to denigrate, embarrass or threaten the victim.

Using Male Privilege - domineering the relationship by power hoarding, treating the victim like a servant, and using size and status as a weapon. 

Economic Abuse - manipulation of economic resources and trapping the victim financially.



DVRC Safe Cards
CU SAFE (Credit Union - Survivor Alliance for Financial Empowerment)
Survivor Support Groups

Economic impact

Every incident of domestic violence has an economic impact of $3,000

If hospitalization or emergency services are needed the impact escalates to $12,000

The estimated cost of domestic violence is over $30,000,000.

Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners)
Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico
New Mexico Legal Aid
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