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Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC, Inc.)



We can all be a part of preventing domestic violence.  We can change the social stigma around domestic violence and speak up in our community that domestic violence is unacceptable.  The Domestic Violence Resource Center offers programs for groups, businesses and classes that build the participants skills in recognizing contributors to domestic violence and practical ways to change and prevent domestic violence in our community.  


The Domestic Violence Resource Center provides highly trained professional Advocates and Case Managers for individuals needing crisis intervention.  Our advocates provide emotional support, safety planning, links to resources, and assistance with legal options. Our Case Managers work with individuals to create a victim—centered plan for moving toward their goals for safety and resources.  


The Domestic Violence Resource Center provides individual and group counseling using trauma-informed care to victims of domestic violence and child witnesses.  Our counseling is specific to domestic violence and its unique factors for change.